My story

In December 2018 my whole world collapsed as I learned about my dad’s terminal illness. ‘Cancer’ – that one word changes everything for the diagnosed & their families…

We embarked on a tough journey which sadly ended on the 4th of January 2020 breaking my heart to pieces. This blog is dedicated to my dad as he was an extraordinary man. I inherited from him the passion for helping others, so now I hope to share with you everything I learned on the subject of a healthy lifestyle.

When supporting dad throughout his illness I myself developed many stress-related issues. From stress-induced eczema to weird pain in my hands and legs…My central nervous system was on a verge…I had to change something and destress…

During the quest to save my dad I have been learning more and more about cancer & a healthy lifestyle. I connected with many amazing people fighting this brutal illness.. I have been learning from them as well as from many amazing groups, blogs, or webinars dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, anti-aging and wellbeing.

I hope that this blog will be a platform where I can share useful information following months-long researches. I realize there are many sites on this subject, so it’s hard not to talk about ‘the same’ but I believe my personal experience and interest in following many experts will be shared on this blog, so that you have valuable information in one place.

So, please do not outsource your health to a doctor but take it in your own hands. Read and educate yourself, so that you make the right choices. Do not wait to get ill or have a beloved one getting sick to start a healthy lifestyle.

Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it. Please stay with me to see what healthy tips and ideas you can get 🙂

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