What is StrengthsFinder & why do you need it?(Guide)

Understanding StrengthsFinder

In the vast ocean of online assessments, StrengthsFinder (Clifton strengths test) emerges as a beacon, guiding individuals to explore a unique approach to self-discovery.

Unlike conventional tools fixated on addressing weaknesses, StrengthsFinder distinguishes itself by focusing on amplifying your strengths. This distinctive perspective asserts that building upon innate abilities propels substantial growth and productivity. By pinpointing and emphasizing personal strengths, StrengthsFinder acts as a guiding light, cutting through the haze of uncertainty and guiding a path towards confident choices in both professional and personal lives.

this is the sign you have been looking for- strength finder test
this is the sign you have been looking for

The StrengthsFinder Assessment Journey

The StrengthsFinder called also CliftonStrengts Test is an assessment designed process aimed at unveiling your top strengths. Comprising nearly 200 questions, this scientifically precise assessment demands around thirty minutes of your time. It is crucial to allocate sufficient time to ensure a thoughtful response to each question, as the aim is to capture an authentic reflection of your true self.

During the assessment, there are no right or wrong answers; the goal is to encapsulate a genuine understanding of who you are. After all, self-awareness lies at the heart of StrengthsFinder.

Your CliftonStrengths themes are your talent DNA. They explain the ways you most naturally think, feel and behave.


Decoding Your Personal Strengths List

Upon completion of the StrengthsFinder test, a personalized strengths list is generated, highlighting your top five potential strengths from a pool of 34. This strengths finder list not only identifies your dominant strengths but also provides detailed insights into each one.

Translating this list into actionable steps might seem daunting, but fear not! The StrengthsFinder system offers a comprehensive explanation and strategic approach for each strength, enabling optimal utilization across various aspects of your life.

The Investment: Costs and Returns

Embarking on the journey of recognizing and appreciating your unique strengths through StrengthsFinder comes with a nominal investment of $19.99 for the top 5 themes (CliftonStrengths 34 – $59.99- all 34 themes) While this may seem like an expense, it is crucial to understand the wealth of knowledge and self-empowerment the assessment provides in return.

Metaphorically, the StrengthsFinder assessment is not merely a test; it’s a guide on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and personal growth. The payment includes not only the online test but also a comprehensive guidebook elaborating on each of the 34 potential strengths. This guidebook serves as a roadmap, offering insights and strategies to develop your top five strengths effectively.

The resources provided extend beyond mere identification, offering understanding, development, and strategies to leverage your strengths optimally. The long-term gains of applying your strengths in everyday life make StrengthsFinder a worthy and impactful investment.

Free Alternative To Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Test

HIGH5 test is a FREE alternative to Gallup’s Clifton strengths test (formerly the StrengthsFinder test):

HIGH 5 Test example question
HIGH 5 Test example question

However, a free plan supports only the list of top 5 strengths with their extended descriptions. An upgrade is needed to enjoy all features of our strengths platform. One time singular report cost $29.

Here is my result:

HIGH 5 Test - My core strengths
HIGH 5 Test – My core strengths

In Conclusion

In conclusion, StrengthsFinder stands as an invaluable tool for personal growth and self-understanding. Let’s recap the key highlights:

  • Unique Approach: StrengthsFinder focuses on uncovering and developing innate skills and talents.
  • Comprehensive Assessment: The assessment, taking around 30 minutes, yields a personalized list of your top five strengths from a potential 34.
  • Affordable Investment: Priced at approximately $15, the assessment includes a guidebook offering in-depth insights and strategies.

Investing in understanding and growing your strengths through tools like StrengthsFinder is a pivotal step towards realizing your full potential. Embrace the power of self-awareness, and stride confidently on your path of self-improvement, one strength at a time.

I really liked taking my test and discovering what I am good at – there were no surprises for me when I got the results. I hope the top 5 core strengths will help me make the right choices when further developing my professional career as I am in for many changes in 2024. Therefore I take this test as an invaluable guidance offer aiding my ‘gut feeling’. I hope it serves the same purpose for you!

StrengthsFinder FAQs

What is StrengthsFinder?

StrengthsFinder is an online tool designed with scientific methodologies to provide a strengths assessment, aiding individuals in identifying, exploring, and developing their inborn talents and strengths.

How does StrengthsFinder differ from traditional assessments?

Unlike traditional assessments concentrating on weaknesses, StrengthsFinder focuses on uncovering and further developing strengths, offering a positive and productive lens for personal growth.

How long does the StrengthsFinder assessment take?

The StrengthsFinder assessment, taking about 30 minutes and comprising nearly 200 questions, provides comprehensive insights into strengths, ensuring a valuable investment of your time.

What are the outputs of StrengthsFinder?

Upon completion, you receive a personalized list of your top five strengths from a potential 34, along with actionable insights and strategies for optimal application.

What is the cost of taking StrengthsFinder?

The StrengthsFinder test, priced at approximately $15, includes a book explaining strengths in detail and providing useful strategies to maximize your potential by leveraging your core strengths. However, there are free alternatives such as the HIGH5 test.


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