Benefits of jumping rope

I have tested running, cycling, and HITT. I love Crossfit, so I do work out using freeletics app (now 50% cheaper due to Black Friday)! But the older I get the harder it is not to pull a muscle or get any other small injury even though I do a warm-up before exercising. So I got myself a rope as I do want to try jumping rope and to eat more microgreens in the coming months.

Is jumping rope good for you?

Jumping rope is a fantastic fitness improvement exercise.It has plenty of benefits from weight loss, heart rate boost, lung capacity improvements, bones density strengthening to endurance increase. Top athletes jump a rope to stay fit and toned. 

Did you know –> that jumping a rope just for 10 minutes = 30 mins run?

How many calories do you burn jumping rope ?

It depends on your weight and rope jumping intensity.  

Skipping rope might burn more than 10 calories a minute for an average-sized person.

‘Most people burn 140-190 calories for every 1,000 skips of a jump rope jumping at a moderate pace.’ Most people will also burn 315-580 calories in 30 minutes of jump rope.


Visit the above quoted site to get tailored to your weight numbers.

Rope jumping vs other exercise calorie burnt
Rope jumping vs other exercise calorie burnt

“It burns more calories than any steady-state cardio — from rowing or jogging to cycling and swimming,”

Jillian Michaels, celebrity trainer& creator of The Jillian Michaels Fitness App.

How to prevent shin splints after rope jumping start?

Shin splints is a common symptom showing up when you start jumping or running. They pass by as strength and endurance develop further. Do your warm up (improve the blood flow in your legs and feet) before rope jumping to minimise the discomfort of shin splints. As with any exercise you start, plan the workouts every other day to have some recovery time in between. Try different surfaces ( I prefer non asphalt ones). Furthermore the soft surface used at the playground or mats will prevent your joints from injuries. 

How to avoid tripping when rope jumping?

Ensure your elbows are close to your body to prevent tripping. The rope gets shorter the wider you keep your elbows. Most ropes are adjustable so ensure you get the length suitable for you. For checking the rope length stand on the  center of the rope with both feet. Hold the rope tight against your body.The end of the rope, not the handles, should come up to your armpit. When trimming remember the rope can always be shortened but extended..

Is rope good HIIT replacement?

Rope jumping is perfect to replace your HIIT routine or enhance it. The key is to do high intensity interval training  with resting one after the other the same way when you do non rope HIIT.

Example of jump rope HIIT workout could look like this:

20 sec jumping - 10  sec rest & 20 sec jumping - repeat 10 x or
30 sec jumping - 60 secrest & 30 sec jumping - repeat 10 x

Once ready you can also mix rope jumping with jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, and push-ups or planks.

I will try to come up with a workout I like and will share with you soon.

Does jumping rope build muscle?

30 minutes of rope jumping help build strengths and tone muscles. Depending on intensity it is either a warm-up or regular exercise and does wonder for your arms and legs.

Rope jumping works on

  • the gastrocnemius,
  • quadriceps
  • hamstrings, 
  • glutes, 
  • abdominals, 
  • forearms, 
  • and deltoids
Rope jumping - muscle work
Rope jumping – muscle work

Benefits of jumping rope

  1. It activates the cardiovascular system 
  2. Burns fat quickly 
  3. It lowers insulin resistance
  4. Helps fight cellulite as you move the problematic parts like the bottom & thighs
  5. Helps make you smarter*

*according to the  Jump Rope Institute, jump rope helps with the development of both hemispheres of your brain, which enhances spatial perception, improves reading ability, enhances memory and makes you more mentally alert)

Weighted jump rope benefits

As seen on the image above weighted rope engages different muscle sets so the more resistance(weight) the more muscles work when you do weighted rope jumps. Surprisingly jumping may be easier when starting with  weighted rope, especially if you’re not naturally co-ordinated.

How long to jump rope?

It depends on your goals and stamina. When you start, go slowly and gradually increase the reps and length of the training. 

Start by jumping for 30 seconds, rest for  15 seconds. Rinse and repeat 5 times. Take a full 60 seconds off. Do this 3 -5 times. This could be a perfect 20 minute mini-workout. 

Is jump rope a good cardio?

Yes, it is, jumping helps to distribute blood across your whole body so it’s perfect for people with poor blood circulation. Jumping rope helps to raise your heart rate two to three times faster than any other exercise. It also offers the same aerobic toning benefits as running but with much less impact on your joints.

Good rope for beginners

I started jumping on this very basic rope (US, UK) . I love this jump rope as it has a timer & a counter built-in.

It allows me to jump for a fixed length of time without having to check my phone or count!

I jump for two minutes every set and stop when I hear the beep as it indicates the set time is up. I rest briefly and repeat 🙂 I am obsessed with counting any reps but because this rope has a built-in counter I don’t have to stress about that which is pretty cool as I can focus on exercising. Ah it also has a burnt calorie counter so its pretty awesome too.

It’s an amazing little rope which is absolutely amazing, I did go for it deliberately as I didn’t want any rope connected to an app. My phone memory is already exhausted with the apps I have so no space for more. Furthermore, I use Bluetooth to connect my fitness tracker to my phone so don’t want to switch between devices for data update. Finally, when I exercise it’s a bonus if I can stay off-screen so that simplicity & off-screen build in the rope handle functionality won! Highly recommended. Ensure you check CamelCamelCamel or Camelizer to check its historical prices and ideally get it when the price is not inflated or maybe check it around Black Friday week hoping for some deal 😉


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