Foods which lower anxiety

We know well that “Food is power.”  Today I want to share with you a list of foods that exacerbate anxiety levels. I had a chance to listen to an interview with Liana Werner-Gray, a holistic and natural-health advocate.

Liana is an Australian actress, she overcame cancer.

In her book ‘Cancer-Free with Food‘ she shows how to turn your kitchen into a pharmacy to improve your health.

  • Refined sugar

Fruit and natural sugars are fine though. I personally opt for stevia if I need to add any sweetness to my baked products.

  • GMO foods, preservatives, additives —> colorants, etc.
  • Refined carbohydrates

like bread with preservatives, pasta, cookies, cakes, muffins – basically anything which contains refined carbs or wheat flour which spikes blood sugar in the body which creates nervousness and anxiety.

Eat only natural wholesome carbs as they are not only healthier but will also make you feel full for a long time.

  • Pepper and spices

Even though those are natural straight from the earth foods they can still trigger anxiety as hey put a response in the nerve system that gets the body fires up.

  • Caffeine and alcohol.

If you can’t resign from coffee add good fats(MCT oil,) to it to get some more energy that way and make the coffee a better drink.

If you can replace your coffee with a smoothie – fruits and MCT oil should again give you energy which you used to get from coffee.

Liana’s no 1 hack to get energy is when drinking liquid chlorophyll. It sounds scary but it’s rather remarkable in what it does. Its an extract from dark leafy greens- very concentrated.

Put a few drops in your water as an equivalent of fresh green veggies whenever you can’t get them into your diet. Chlorophyll immediately puts oxygen into the body – that is why it is often used by the athletes.

Furthermore, it helps to remove unhealthy cells and cancer cells – they die in chlorophyll.

  • Conventional meats, dairy, and grains.

Dairy and meat are contaminated with antibiotics so both should be consumed on special occasions. Liana also says that the majority of her clients who have blood type 0 receive and process dairy products better than people with a blood type A- oh may…I have actually A group but I try to limit my dairy intake as much as I can..

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