25 Things to do with friends when you are bored

Recent lockdowns due to Covid 19 pandemic made most of us craving for social interactions. However, following the ease of lockdown restrictions getting together seemed not as easy for some of us…Therefore this post is to share some creative ideas on reconnecting with friends and ensuring you are not bored.

After a few years of hardship (due to my dad’s illness and lockdowns) I am becoming more intentional when deciding how to BEST use my time and when hanging out with my mates.

If you’re meeting with friends again and need some ideas, I’ve prepared a list of 25 things to do when bored with a friend! As one of my high school teachers was saying ‘intelligent people never get bored’ I d like to present you a pool of activities to ensure that’s the case for you 😊

Things to do with friends when bored:


1.  Play a board game. It’s a fantastic way to have more fun when checking your competitive strike when you play in teams or solo. My fav games to play in 4 are:

Black Stories
  • Hero Realms
  • Talisman
  • Dark Stories

2. Go for a walk or a bike trip together. How about checking any of the local walking/cycling routes? If you have a furry friend it’s a bonus for your pet friends too!

3. Stream a movie. If the weather is not nice you can always stay less active when watching trending on Netflix or Amazon Prime 😊 

Blossoming green tea

4. Mix cocktails or have a tea ceremony – there are many cool cocktail mixing kits available to buy online and test at home. If you don’t drink alcohol you can focus on having a tea ceremony. Matcha tea or flowering green tea would be a perfect choice for this spectacle. Then toast to your friendship.

5. Cardio dance 😊 dance-based workout with your friend means even more fun unlike when doing it solo! I like Tracey Anderson’s routine if I need some structure/inspiration.

Creative activities

Get jigsaw puzzles

6. Get creative together with your friends. Get original when preparing homemade soap or candles. When using the natural ingredients, you not only will create compositions you truly want but they will also be much healthier/safer for your body! Origami is also fun to do together!

7. Prepare some home decorations. Getting creative to enhance the festive period is one option but creating handmade home décor is fun which may give you and your friends a lot of satisfaction!

Food Sharing

8. Experience dining out. With alfresco eating raising in popularity, it is a cool idea to explore places you never had a chance to visit before. I took my husband and friends for their joint 40th b-day dinner to dinner in the woods! They all loved it! 

experiencenomadic com

9. If going out is not an option why not cook together?! I love cooking with my friends as they always teach me new tricks, or I discover new dishes altogether or rather that they aren’t as difficult as they sound 😊 Why not check out who creates nicer sushi, burrito or curry 😊

10. Make a brand-new recipe – you can alter an existing recipe when adding a new ingredient or swapping some existing ones or come with a brand new one from scratch.

11. Bake together. 

12. Try a new takeaway in your area and have a relaxed evening with your friends at home while enjoying maybe a bit more exotic cuisine than you normally do!

Outdoor experiences

13. Discover outdoor experiences together- go-carting or go aping or visit a theme park- all of them are wonderful COVID safe experiences we can share with friends! These and many more experiences are perfect for having fun with our friends as well as for creating long-lasting memories. 

14.  Camp together or go away together. The more friends decide to go away together the better as booking a cottage together will lower the cost of the stay. Camping together is even cheaper and maybe cooler! Not many things beat the smell of the fire and freshly prepared coffee on a campsite!

Random relaxation & fun

15. Do home product tasting– buy wine/hot chocolate/coffee/ cheese etc. and test it with your friends!

Get home spa kit

16. Home spa experience. Getting together to test new cosmetics with lit up candles of essential oils diffuser can lift up anyone’s spirit 😊

17. Read a book together. Holding each other accountable may mean a proper reading means progress!  You can read great books simultaneously or have a book worm challenge and record your progress on the reading challenge board! 

18. Create a bucket list. How about creating a post-pandemic bucket list and comparing it afterward. 

19. Meditate together. Not all my friends are sold on meditation or simple breathing exercises as an easy and accessible way to relax. Try to show them it works. The simple 4-7-8 method does the wonders for our nervous system!

20. Become a dissectologist and do a puzzle. This is yet another form of relaxation as it truly takes your mind away from the daily troubles. Did you know that Belgians run 24 hours puzzling competitions? Pre C-19 it was hosted in Hannut, Belgium in the last weekend of October!

21. Build a new friend’s playlist together. Recreate memories through songs that accompanied the great times you had with your friends.

22. Organise a treasure hunt! Hide some items/gifts around your local area and organize a treasure hunt for all your friends.

23. Plant together. Create a veg garden or simply plant some succulents together or start microgreens ‘plantations’. Why not create a door wreath ahead of a festive season? The moss art is also a fun thing to do together with your friend.

Moss Art

Social responsibility

24. Volunteer together or create a food bank parcel with your friends. We all know that sharing is caring so spread love and kindness.

25. Clean a local area.

What are your fav things to do


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