The Quit Sugar Summit 2020- Review

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Every year there is an online gathering of the world’s top scientists, MD’s Ph.D.’s, coaches, and recently also- Chefs teaching us about the biggest addiction of our times! The aim of the packed schedule is to transform your life & your relationship with sugar forever…

This year there was 49 speakers and the even was happening between 27th of April and 3rd of May 2020.

I must say I learned a lot during those few intense days – there are 5-8 webinars per day and they are about 1 hour long, so if all speakers are living up to your expectations it is hard to find the time for work and to watch all 7-8 interviews. Nonetheless it was so worth it!

Sugar is 8 times more powerful than cocaine!

Day 1

The first day actually was not that insightful for me but the next days were better! Many speakers including Dr. Chris Palmer were discussing the KETO diet since a low intake of carbohydrates = low. sugar 🙂

However Dr Palmer was praising KETO diet for improvement in cognitive health (he was talking about the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar with Ketogenic diets).

Dr. Beck Gillaspy was reminding us that in order for any diet to work it must be following 3xE’s rule:

In her The 0,1,2,3 Diet Plan she covers meal plans from start to finish including macronutrients information (calories, fat, carbs, fiber and protein). So her ideas may be a good starting point for those who struggle with getting the nutrients under control when planning meals themselves.

Day 2

On that day my fav speaker was  Dr. Robert Lustig. Dr Robert is a globally renowned neuroendocrinologist and Professor of Pediatrics at UCSF. He and Wolfram Alderson founded the Institute for Responsible Nutrition (IRN) in 2013.

Oh boy, he really made it easy to understand fructose and glucose and was reminding that standard American diet results in kids having fatty liver, caused by fructose overconsumption.

That is super important to know as fatty liver creates insulin resistance, which causes diabetics…So watch the fructose levels in your and your kid’s diets! Watch his talk from YouTube re metabolic syndromes, immerse his passion, and more importantly learn from him!

He will be particularly liked by those who see that medical establishment don’t get many easy concepts preventing chronic illnesses.

Ah and he is a doctor himself and quite funny so it is a TREAT!

The other speaker was Dr. Vera Tarman is the author of Food Junkies: The Truth about Food Addiction. Her website is

The next speaker Dr. Gabrielle Lyon was the fav speaker for my partner…She is s a functional medicine physician specializing in the concept of muscle-centric medicine. Sign up for her newsletter to download her protocol for a 4-week reset plan. It focuses on muscles and the right type of proteins. It’s crucial to get protein balance throughout the day:

The Standard American Diet (SAD) eating pattern

Dr Gabrielle says that: ‘Getting at least 30g of protein, 3 times a day at each meal for a total of 90g/day is the minimum amount of protein recommended for muscle protein synthesis.’

In her plan, Gabrielle assumes 40:30:30 rule -40% carbs and 30% of protein and fat of total daily calories.

For me, this is unrealistic as I can’t imagine heavy protein breakfasts. Plus the older I get the more I think that protein is important but so is fiber…

Dr. Daryl Gioffre, celebrity nutritionist, author, alkaline and ketogenic diet expert, gave a detailed presentation on the power of good nutrition and how everyone can make improvements for increased energy, better health, and longevity.

You can find him on YouTube to learn more. He was praising green juices – high in minerals and fiber and low in sugar to lower inflammation in.

His body and lose weight while becoming more alkaline. Remember to avoid stress as it is making your body acidic!

If you are look ing for some recipes to make you eat happy check Anna’s Vocino book: ‘Eat Happy: Gluten Free, Grain-Free, Low Carb Recipes For A Joyful Life

Theresa Parker shared her 5 tips for eating less sugar:

  1. Eat regular meals with good protein and good fats.
  2. Cut out all refined and processed sugar. 
  3. Cut out diet sodas and diet foods. 
  4. Eat whole fruit instead of refined sugar.
  5. Stop and think.

Day 3

OMG day 3 featured 8 experts! My favourite were:

It started with a video with Dr. Lewis Cantley from Cornell University. He has a lab named after him there and we know why having listened to him! He is an amazing scientist who has made huge advances to the understanding of cancer metabolism. Dr Lewis discovered the enzyme PI-3-kinase, now known to be important to understanding cancer and diabetes mellitus, he also has been sugar-free for over 30 years! He says:

“I eat fruit, but I don’t eat anything that has sugar added to it. And I guarantee everybody would be better off if they ate zero sugar.”

That potentially helps him not only to be healthy but also to look like 50thy when actually he is 71! Respect!

The interview was one of my favorites as dr Lewis has explained so many important things.

For exampe why to eat the whole fruit not to drink an orange juice (apparently there is a correlation in a raise of colorectal cancer for people drinking some juices –> 🍊/🍎one–>and this being due to the fructose in the fruit getting consumed before the fruit gets to the colon. That in turn causes polyps to form.

That’s why it’s important to ban sugar in the liquid form! As our bodies didn’t evolve to process liquid sugars as in that form the sugar gets so much quicker into the bloodstream!

Dr Cantley reminds us that insulin secreted immediately after a meal activates PI3K/AKT signaling pathway (PI3K is an enzyme most frequently mutated in all cancers). This enzyme allows cancer to grow faster when there’s insulin around.

Therefore regardless if you are/aren’t fighting cancer you should keep insulin level down by eating:

  • less sugar
  • less simple carbohydrates
  • more good fat (olive oil!)

Celebrity nutrition and fitness expert and four-time New York Times best-selling author, J.J. Virgin discussed the real impact of sugar and how to get rid of it (don’t transition from day 1- add as you subtract). You can watch interviews with her on YouTube.

Jenn Eden – Founder, The Sugar Freedom Method was talking about her ‘Woman Unleashed’ – its an easy to digest inspirational book for super sensitive women.

The next speaker author and nutrition expert dr Lori Shemek was amazing. She recommended PQQ supplements as they promote mitochondria function give us energy and better sleep and memory.

So don’t go for sugar for an energy boost but get PQQ instead! She also reminded us that chromium picolinate minimizes sugar cravings!

The next speaker- Matty Lansdown– is an author of a podcast with an interesting title: ‘How To Not Get Sick And Die’. You can find him on iTunes, Spotify, or other audio platforms.

Day 4

Dr. Gary Fettke from was my fav speaker on that day!

Dr. Gary is an orthopedic surgeon from Tasmania who beat the Australian government after they tried to censor him when he was talking about “wanting to stop sawing off people’s legs” by telling them how to eat right.

He also demystifies fruit in the process.

Dr Fettke was saying that sugar and carbs are like the fire and seed oil is like matches.

He was reminding us that once you consume loads of carbs and sugar you are kicking off the inflammation.

So he was praising a low carbs diet throughout his interview.

Cristy Nickel mentioned her CODE RED revolution. It’s for every person who is fed up with information overload, complicated diets, and extreme exercise programs. It’s for those who just want to lose weight in a simple way. For those who don’t have time to go to the gym for hours on end. However, having read reviews of this book she is a keto diet promoter.

Kelly Logsdon brought lifestyle techniques using whole foods and clean products to improve her life hence was sharing them during the summit.

Craig & Maria Emmerich wrote ‘Carnivore Cookbook‘ so if you are looking to start KETO diet maybe this book will give you an inspiration.

Another person promoting KETO was Judy Cho.

Judy follows a carnivore diet and feeds her kids keto. She shares science-based and practical infographics, articles, and videos on her blog. Judy also has a free 37-page pdf Carnivore Beginner’s Guide. She explains digestion and insulin production simply via this image:

James Goolnik is a dentist from London who started a non-profit to change the way children are rewarded – and to STOP them being rewarded with SUGAR!

As a dentist he was talking about sugar and tooth decay. He is an author of ‘Kick Sugar’ a beautifully presented book full of interesting and practical information and tasty recipes to help you reduce or cut out sugar from your diet. It includes 14 days sugar-free challenge with its progress tracker.

Day 5

On that day we had a chance to listen to:

Drew Canole a founder of Organifi and the huge Youtube channel FitLifeTV.

Dr. Rob Cywes – “The Carb Addiction Doc”. An actual Bariatric surgeon who WILL NOT do the surgery unless you understand the concept that the entire Summit talks about!

Dr. Rod Tayler – from down-under and the founder of Low Carb Down-Under really lights up the screen. You can check his blog for LCHF recipes. Not all are 100% meat Keto which is nice.

Matt Gaedke – a co-founder of KetoConnect. A former athlete & a great chef was talking about making the switch to the low carb lifestyle. You can find his tips on his site.

Dr. Ann Barter – talked about brain science. And more importantly, GUT science. Did you know that over 80% of serotonin is made in the GUT! More from her on her The Fearless Health Podcast.

Paul Barattiero – is a water genius, yes water. He talked about Echo hydrogen water machines, whole house filtration systems and its healing benefits. If I remember correctly he was saying that deficiency of magnesium causes sugar cravings.

He was also saying that damaged by meds, pesticides, and anything else gut has it harder to create hydrogen, which causes more oxidation and therefore inflammation which in turn results in chronic illnesses.

Therefore it’s important to ensure hydrogen is present ion the gut to reduce that oxidative stress.

Ultimately wrong types of bacteria present in the gut are responsible for sugar cravings ( the aerobic bacteria want sugar, anaerobic don’t). So the gut plays an important role in sugar cravings management therefore should be intact (a low level of dopamine = bigger sugar cravings–> you need vit C to make dopamine!).

We know that both serotonin and dopamine are produced in the gut, that’s is why anxiety and depression are largely connected to a messed up gut health…

Carol Lourie – talked about women and cancer and how sugar plays into all of it.

Shawndi Borup – shares video recipes on her

Day 6

Pete Evans Star of the Netflix documentary: “The Magic Pill” and the best selling cookbook chef in Australia. He focused on all things Paleo.

Dr. Cate Shanahan – a Family Physician focused on creating educational programs that improve productivity & reduce employer healthcare costs by improving individuals’ health behaviors. I am actually looking forward to reading her ‘Deep Nutrition‘.

Molly Carmel – helps people find a sustainable solution to battle obesity and related eating disorders. She is an author of ‘Breaking up with Sugar’.

Autumn Smith – co-founder of Paleovalley, certified eating psychology coach, former fitness trainer, yogi.

Eric Zielinski (“Dr. Z”) – it was an interesting one as Dr. Z stated he takes extra care of his family and kids re liming sugar intake even when they are out and about and of course take their own food to parties and gatherings.

He also suggests to his program participants to swap coffee for a matcha latte with coconut or other plant milk and peppermint & cinnamon essential oils.

Matcha green tea is used as a weight-loss remedy. It helps regulate appetite and reduce emotional snacking.

Dr. Alan Hopkins was talking about preventing diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity. He said he doesn’t recommend any diet as such as long as he knows he eats a low amount of sugar – as that is what counts here. No added sugar or low amount of it! He has created a company offering self-testing your A1-C, your insulin levels, and more. With no doctor & for under $100 bucks!

Kay Sheppard – she been sugar (and flour) free for over 43 years! Find out how to eliminate cravings for sugar, carbohydrates, caffeine and personal trigger foods by using her Recovery Food Plan.

Day 7

The last day had amazing speakers:

Dr. Mike Dow – is the star of “Freaky Eaters” with JJ Virgin and therapist to the stars. His new book The Sugar Brain Fix is changing lives worldwide.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan –
is an expert in gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. The connection to sugar is astonishing! As an expert in functional medicine Dr. Tom (founder of is animated, excited, and full of once a minute insights about the crap we eat.

Dr. Nasha Winters – 
Sugar and cancer. Do I need to write more? Her harrowing personal journey of curing herself reminds me of her book ‘Metabolic approach to cancer’ which is a must-read position for anyone.

Julia Ross
has the makings of someone poised to change the world. She has personally helped over 4,000 people cure their dependency on ultra-processed carbs via simple, available over the counter, amino acids.  Her book The Craving Cure should be read by anyone on this journey.

Samantha Gladish – is a registered holistic nutritionist, metabolic balance coach, and hormone fixer-upper. Her experience in bringing folks back to robust health and how quitting sugar accelerates the process is riveting. Another “Do Not Miss” alert!

Doug Reynolds –
is the founder of Low-Carb USA. It’s not only a live event company but is going a long way to help physicians create protocols for low carb eating and advancing metabolic health…

Antonio Martinez II –
is running for the NY State Senate. His platform includes changing the way schools and the government look at “The Food Pyramid”.


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